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This expression Mental Power Management (MPM in further text) means: Deliberately shaping and changing your psychological and mental thoughts and stances that you did acquire trough your life in to the new fighting state of mind. With help of these new fighting mental stances you will become fearless person, a fighter, a person with steel will and character. But, in the same time a much more dangerous human begin. To achieve that we should firstly clarified some facts around human mind, pain perception, and fear perception and so on. 

 Let’s see just this category; the power over other another human is not welcome in our society. In the same time there are a lot of institutions and persons more powerful than the others, and they own the system and they want us not to be powerful, because we in that way will become their competition.   It is very important to realize how our mind create its own logic, put things in a various categories, In the IS it is of greatest importance that you become more powerful than other human being.

TO SEUCCESFULY DEFEND YOURSELF: Firstly you have to become psychologically and then and physically powerful than the other fellow human beings. 

Your total domination is important. It is important because we want to protect ourselves, to survive, to take care for our love ones. You have to have total control over your attacker, both mentally and physically. Instinctive Self Defense will help you in this process; help you to find your own unique way of dealing with life and dangerous situations.

For better understanding let’s say that you are doing a sculpture from the wood or stone or whit any other material and somebody comes by, and state that he or she wouldn’t use this technique, this color, that tool and that she or he will use this and this in its own way….So bloody what.

Use what you want, need and feel right at the moment. She or he is not you, you are unique person, and you have your unique perspective toward the world, things and peoples that is in most cases very different than the other people’s stances and perspectives.

During the period of our growth the society and surroundings are put on us their own stands, values, habits, behaviors and thoughts. This is not too bad in some cases but in the field of self awareness, self discovery and self value this is not good. When you realize yourself, trough practicing of Crobran you will realize your uniqueness and beauty, your goodness and humanity.

You are precious person to everybody who loves you. This is something that has to be appreciated. That is the same thing with the movements in Martial Arts, some of them fit to you some others don’t, and all these fact are changing regarding to your gender, your age, your experience and so on.   Because of that it is very necessary to remind you that as longer you practice in a wrong way you practice failure.

Too many people are wasting their time to become good in wrong things, for example in various self defenses, imitations and straight minded practice. Too many people are trying to imitate someone else kick or punch or way of motion. In that way we do not express ourselves, neither creating something, we just imitate.

Self realization is one of benefits that are possible to achieve by practicing Crobran, and this is also one of   most important factors of our inner peace. In the Crobran we express ourselves through our – your own instinctive motion. Not  your instructors motion or movements or in a way of your instructor. Instructor is here mere a guide for you, guide for help in yourself knowing and discovery of your true self.

It is important to understand that if you don’t do yours stuff, you doing somebody else stuff. This kind of awareness is the key of freedom and spontaneous of motion and thought in your skills, life and fight for your life at the some dangerous street. We all could try to copy our masters and instructors, but no matter how good we are we are still just good copies.

There is a saying that goes: “Seek not by following the footsteps of the holly man, seek what he was seeking.” 

Therefore if your teacher is not encouraging you to explore, then you will become total clone. Until we all do not recognize that our ego and process of thought are eager to the easy way out in every situation, which is IMITATION, we will be stuck at this process of The goal of MPM is that you become a leader and that you lead, and not to become a sheep which is imitation. Human mind is dualistic, that mean that mind is always analyzed, formulate thought, conclusions, compare and expect, basically we think too much about non important things.

All these mind operations lead us to judging, dividing on to the good and bad, and to all other divisions and dividends. That in theoretical sense sometimes is not bad at all, but in practice you need to act without any thought process. 

What is wrong with thought process, how thinking and analysis could be so wrong? Thinking as a process of resolving some problems or dangerous situations is very wrong, and newer to use in real fight where your life is at the stake. Thinking during the fight lead to the fixating to some idea, generally wrong idea and to the freezing of your body and mind fixated at particular thing from outside and that lead to the physical stiffness of your body and to your defeat.

Process of thinking is to slow to be a good, safe response to great speed and the dynamics of the deadly attack. This kind of thinking is very stupid thing to do when lives are at stake. Duality of our mind could be explainable through the actual fight. Our mind and our ego are too much busy by analyzing the situation, by try to control the situation.

Mind is trying to intellectualize an act of violence, deadly attack, which is by his nature very brutal, wild, spontaneous and changeable without any rules that your mind could grasp, follow or even recognize, because there is no such experience in your life.   The fact is that mind leads the body, so our intuition is easy to lose.

This kind of duality of the mind is not true. It is result of all ours education through our life from the day we were borne, that means from the first instructions of our parents, trough our school education and further trough life experience, and because of accepting authorities without any questioning and ours-yours thought and insight in it. In this battle for knowledge, surviving and overcoming social norms we lose our spontaneous way of living and our instinctive way of thought, deed and action.

We are imprisoned by our society norms, rules, regulations, order and lots of useless crap. There is very little nature people in this world left. When your mind is overloaded with all that problems of our modern society, action of the mind and body when attacked is to slow and it will not end well for you. 


That is, we should empty ourselves of thought about possible outcomes, injuries, endings, wishes for victory, clean all the thoughts of wondering what to do now or what will happen now, etc. This kind of waking call and waking up you can easy have if you start to exercising very hard, rigorous, in the strong fighting manner, and instinctively.

That means, when someone attack you, you are not at all in amuse, you are not surprised, shocked, even not angry, you then in that way totally accept what is happening and you are 100 % ready FOR THE FIGHT, if you have to fight. This attitude will get off at least 80 to 90 percent of potential attackers. 

Our problem is simple, we all are too much in concern and occupied with non important, deceiving, wondering thoughts, that we take as important. Our mind is fixed on everything and because of it our natural instinctive thought process is blocked.   During the fight, intellectual thinking, I think now you realize, is clearly wrong and it destroying the natural way of fighting at your own risk and damage.

You all can become superior fighters, but you have to learn to fight directly, with economy of motion and with furious attitude, using all of your mind and body instinctive movements and actions. That kind of fighter will not have any distraction of his rhythm of fighting and the opponent will not be able to fight back, it will be able just to get hurt. 

Truth about real fight is this: PURE SIMPLICITY, PURE SPONTANEOUS, PURE INSTINCTIVELY, and not some predicted reactions. Only necessary control is one of your body and current action in a way that you do not have any preferences about ranges of fighting, about distance, about tactics or tactics. 

Your answer to attack has to be fast, brutal, direct and creative. Until your counter attack is not finished you cannot tell whit what you will fight, how you will end your attack and so on. To try to decide to do this or that during the actual fight is very wrong and in this case it is obvious that there is not much experience in the real fight training under stress, and off course total lack of real street fight experience.

Some masters claims that our opponent is the one who control the fight, because he is the one who is started the fight by his intention, his motions, his attack and so on…which then stimulate our answer which then should be adapted to our opponent and to attack. EEEE – THIS is TOTALLY WRONG.

You can let that this happened to you, but then really your attacker is the one in control over you. First, there is no any adaptation on attacker action, in the first attempt of this kind of attack YOU ARE GOING IN ACTION IN A SPLIT OF SECOND, and you take over control, you are the boss of the situation, you lead, control, destroy and finished the fight.

All of that you will do unconscientiously by your fighting knowledge that you will learn through Instinctive Self Defense where you have possibility of becoming in power over attackers in a split of second.     The thinking is useful in many ways; even this book will not be here before you, if there were no very intensive thinking. BUT, but there are some of life situations and circumstances in which when we think we slowing down our actions fatally, and we could easily get killed. So in these kinds of situations we should put these thinking out, left it behind and let our inner hidden instinctively out in front. In these cases our usual mind should stop to be our master.

The psychological stand during the fight should be like this:   All events should be observed without ours emotional interference, without emotional answer on and regarding our – your everyday experiences. We should not fixated ourselves on that we thing is right, because others about this thinks something else, the third ones think something else, and this is thought conflict that is totally unnecessary. Truth is that everything is real and good. 

Only the way of coming to that real and good is different, for every person, and for some persons it is lost in their personal thoughts, imaginations, thinking’s and stands. 

Power Management is the unique system of preparing your mind for all situations and consequences before, during and after the fight. This is not complicated or special; this MPM is very simple and efficient. Psychological preparation in the CROBRAN is very important. Mental MPM is based on changing your thought process and your old stances and knowledge with new efficient stances and thoughts that are needed for you to survive and win the fight. At the end these all will come automatically so you don’t have to worry about how to remember this or that or anything, it is important to learn the principle on which MPM operate, and that’s that. When you realize that you will have in your possession very powerful psychological weapon which will give you great advantage in the fight of any kind.

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